FAQs About Assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an assessment include?

There are many different tests I may use to identify the sources of struggles.  Assessment is not like a medical doctor visit.  Instead, it calls for a very active effort on the person’s part.  In order for the testing to be most successful, the individual must be willing to work hard and demonstrate his or her typical level of performance.  Working in a one-on-one environment typically helps the individual harness their engagement and motivation, and apply skills, strategies, and  stamina.

Testing restuls often lead to better understanding of learning styles, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, ways to improve/support specific delayes of disorders, and feelings of hope once a plan of action is created.

If you are interested in medication as part of a plan of action, please remember that I am not a physician and do not prescribe medication.  I can refer you to a physician if you do not have your own resources.

How are appointments for assessments scheduled?

Typically, four appointments are scheduled.

  • During the initial, history-taking appointment, we will talk about
    • the history of the difficulties,
    • specific concerns you may have, and
    • questions you would like answered.
    • We will both decide if I am the best person to provide the services you need in order to meet your goals.
    • A plan for the specific types of assessment will be developed.
  • Two sessions will be reserved for the actual assessment, each lasting 2-3 hours.
  • A final session will be reserved for feedback.  This is the appointment which we have been eagerly awaiting; a time to find out new information, create plans, and move forward with hope as a result.
    • You will receive my written report, as well as resources, or references.
    • We will discuss my findings and recommendations, and potential sources of other assistance.
    • All of the feedback and materials are developed with an emphasis upon
      • using personal strengths,
      • developing other areas,
      • and working to have a secure slate of skills in the future.
    • We will discuss diagnoses and future plans.

Once an appointment date is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for those reserved hours unless you provide 3 working days advance notice of cancellation.  This kind and timely notice allows me to offer the scheduled time to other patients who have been waiting for appointments.  It is important to note that insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for canceled sessions.

What types of assessments do you provide?

  • IQ, learning style, developmental skills
  • Memory
  • Academics (reading – Dyslexia, writing, mathematics)
  • Focus, Executive Functions, ADD, ADHD
  • Study skills
  • Temperament
  • Social skills
  • Vocational/College interests

What processes are used in an assessment?

Depending on the person’s age, a combination of the following procedures may be used:

  • Interview with parents/adult patient
  • Direct, individualized testing
  • Questionnaires from parents/adult patient
  • Questionnaires from the adolescent
  • Play observation with Dr. Dybell
  • Reviews of school records (report cards, achievement tests, work samples)
  • Review of prior reports

Is an assessment confidential?  Are test scores confidential?

The law protects the privacy of all communications between a patient and a psychologist.  I cannot speak to anyone about your test results, nor my recommendations without your direct permission to do so.  I can only release information when you sign a written Authorization form.

Even though a school may have provided information directly to me or completed questionnaires, I cannot release my findings without your permission.

Due to confidentiality and security matters, I do not communicate over e-mail.  I also do not provide records over the Internet nor in an electronic file format of any kind.

At times, tests must be scored on-line.  When doing so, no identifying information is provided to the test company.  Instead, all “cloud storage” with test companies maintains confidentiality by using an alpha-numberic coded “name/ID.”

What are the costs of an assessment?

I charge an hourly fee for all assessment sessions.

Charges will be directly related to the amount of time used in each of these appointments.

There will be a separate charge, of an additional 2 hours, for my report writing.

For additional information on billing, insurance, payments, and confidentiality, please see “Office Policies and Practice Information.”

How do I begin the assessment process with Dr. Dybell?

Please call my office (713.218.7004) and we can briefly discuss your needs.  Then we will reserve time for your initial appointment as well as the two assessment dates.  Once appointments are confirmed, a packet of forms and questionnaires will be mailed to your home address.